Learning Area:

Secondary 1
(Three lessons per week)
(55 minutes per lesson)

  • Introducing science, measurements in science, conducting a simple scientific investigation.

  • Living things, observing an animal, diversity of plant and animal life, classifying animals and plants, endangered species.

  • Cells and human reproduction, microscope, cell division and growth, responsible attitude towards sex, parenthood.

  • Energy, energy conversions and energy converters, fuels, electricity, energy saving.

  • Water Purification, the water cycle, dissolving, growing crystals, solvents other than water.

  • States of matter, particle theory, gas pressure, density, thermal expansion and contraction.

Secondary 2
(Three lessons per week)
(55 minutes per lesson)

  • Air, burning, gases exchange of animals and plants, adverse effect of smoking and polluted air on human respiratory system.

  • Simple electric circuit, current and voltage, resistance, safe use of electricity.

  • Force, gravity, friction, action and reaction force.

  • Common acids and alkalis, indicators, corrosive nature of acids, acid rain, neutralization, application and potential danger of acids and alkalis.

  • Detection on environment, sense organs, brain and feeling, adverse effect of medicine and solvents on human’s feeling.

  • Scientific investigation.