Learning area

Compulsory part (Total 200 hours) Suggested lesson time

I. Heat and Gases a. Temperature, heat and internal energy
b. Transfer processes
c. Change of state
d. Gases

25 hours

II. Force and Motion a. Position and movement
b. Force and motion
c. Projectile motion
d. Work, energy and power
e. Momentum
f. Uniform circular motion
g. Gravitation

55 hours

III. Wave Motion a. Nature and properties of waves
b. Light
c. Sound

48 hours

IV. Electricity and
a. Electrostatics
b. Circuits and domestic electricity
c. Electromagnetism

56 hours

V. Radioactivity and
Nuclear Energy
a. Radiation and radioactivity
b. Atomic model
c. Nuclear energy

16 hours
Subtotal: 200

Elective part (Total 54 hours) Suggested lesson time (hours)
1. Energy and Use of Energy
2. Medical Physics