1. Master various basic physics laws, principles and concepts.
2. Understand the intrinsic link between different laws and principles.
3. Can apply scientific knowledge to solve novel problems.
4. Be interested in the physics world, keep curiosity about physics and the world.
5. Construct and apply knowledge of physics to appreciate the relationship between physics and other disciplines.
6. Understand the knowledges of physics and willing to have appreciation to the nature of science.
7. Master the skills to conduct scientific exploration.
8. Develop scientific, critical, and creative thinking skills, and the ability to solve problems related to physics, either alone or in collaboration with others.
9. Understand the scientific language of physics topics and exchange ideas with others.
10. Make informed judgments and decisions on issues related to physics.
11. Focus on the impact of physics on society, ethics, the economy, the environment, and technology, and develop a responsible citizenship.
12. Focus on the latest technological developments and their applications.