Curriculum Musical Synopsis [ ENG | 中文 ]
Synopsis - The Year of Festival


The year of festival opens in Pooi To Middle School (Pooi To/PTMS), Hong Kong. Set in 2017, the play follows a group of S.5 pupils who are about to face their greatest challenge – DSE, career goals and further studies. Jane, a high achiever, outstanding leader and reliable by teachers, however she is a social outcast among her classmates because of her pride and arrogance, but her best friend, Elisa, smart and humble with the virtue of ‘love, integrity, purity and perseverance’, sees her softness underneath, understand more people’s needs. In Pooi To, a home to them, they start a magical journey – they travel back in time, embark on an adventure of self-discovery and learn a lesson of paramount importance – uphold the virtues of love, integrity, purity and perseverance in their lives which were learnt in Pooi To in these 130 years. It is a year of festival which allows everyone to celebrate their growth in life.