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May the Lord bless thee and keep thee;
May the Lore marks his face to shine upon thee And be gracious unto tuee;
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee And give thee peace.
Numbers 6:24-26

As the year 1963 adds it link to the chain that binds together Pooi To’s varied and illustrious history, we thank God and take courage.  This year indeed is an important landmark in the annals of the school as it marks.

  1. The seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the school by Miss Emma Young who returned to America the next year to become the bride of a Baptist minister, Reverend W. S. Ayers.
  2. The seventy-fifth anniversary of the arrival in China of Mrs. Janie Lewrey Sanford (later Mrs. R. H. Craves) who had spent seven years as a missionary in San Francisco teaching Chinese children and taking the Gospel into the homes of shut-in Chinese women.
  3. The seventy-fifth birthday of two gifted teachers, Emma May Hine and Flora E. Dodson, who made valuable contributions to the administration, curriculum development, teaching, spiritual life, and activities of Pooi To in the middle years of her history.

In founding the school and guiding it through the first crucial months, Miss Young accomplished a monumental task as she laid a foundation so strong it has supported the superstructure that has far exceeded her fondest dreams.   

On Miss Young’s resignation, Mrs. Grave became principal in which position she served for 35 years. During her administration Pooi To developed from a small ungraded school, training the pupils in religion and in the Chinese classics, into a twelve year elementary and middle school with an enrolment limited only by its limited facilities.  Her middle school graduates entered accredited colleges in China and in America receiving degrees in four years.

From 1888 to present day, succeeding generations of Christian leaders have proven the value of training in Pooi To that has reached its highest peak in today’s Pooi-To-in-Hong-Kong.

On this, our diamond anniversary,

I SALUTE the teachers and students who laid foundations during the difficult years at The Gate of the Five Genii in Canton; those who served through the middle years of expansion, of transition, and of wanderings during the war years; and those who have the rare privilege of serving Pooi To Middle School in Hong Kong today.

Of each period it could often be said that nothing seemed to happen according to rule; that no day was like yesterday or tomorrow; and that no year resembled the last or the next; but that opportunities were always limitless.

I SALUTE the descendants of the first Chinese teacher in Pooi To, Miss Hsiu-ling Senn (MRS. T. L. Lee), who assisted Miss Young in founding the school in 1888.  Years later two of her daughters taught in Pooi To, one serving as dean.

I SALUTE little Marcus John Woo whose parents, grandparents, and great-grandmother are prominent Baptist leaders in Hong Kong today.  Mark can trace his ancestry through six generations to a very able Pooi To pupil in 1888.

I SALUTE the thousands of teachers and students of Canton years.  Many of whom are dear personal friends.  Many are in Hong Kong; many are in America, or in the islands of the sea; and, also, many are behind the bamboo curtain.  Each one has my true love.

I SALUTE the trustee; the principal, Miss Helen Huen, members of whose family have served the school almost from its beginning; the faculty; staff; students; and all who have helped in the development of Pooi To Middle School in Hong Kong.  You have the high privilege of serving during the greatest period of the world’s history, but with the challenge and opportunity will come temptation, difficulty, and danger.  “Be strong and of a good courage.” Joshua 1:6

Today as we rejoice in the present and try to envision the future, it seems that the months in our modern world are as vast years of pld, making events of a decade past appear as ancient history and placing near future in the distance.

May they seventy-five years of God’s loving care give strength to the Pooi To of today as you continue into the next century asking wisdom from Above and seeking God’s guidance in leading you to


(Quoted from “Pooi To Middle School 75th Anniversary Commemorative Book”