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Principals Ms. Flora E. Dodson (1926 - 1930)


“Forward of Pooi To Middle School 70th Anniversary Commemorative Book”

On March 3, 1888 the School was established in Canton, China for the purpose of giving women and girls an opportunity to receive an education and at the same time to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This original purpose of the school has been maintained and today even as it was in the beginning, the desire of principal and faculty is not just to give an education, but a truly Christian education.

Although there has been an ever changing situation in China through all these years, and because of wars both internal and external, the school has had to flee several times from place to place, yet its unbroken history has been preserved, and today here in Hong Kong we are happily celebrating the seventieth birthday of Pooi To.

An education without Christian character may mean simply greater ability to do evil. Education may be a curse rather than a blessing. As we look about in the present day world and see what education can do in causing suffering and destruction to mankind when not controlled by an all pervading desire for the betterment of mankind, we see the necessity of a Christian education.

Only Christ in the hearts of people can give the motivating power which would lead to a full dedication of abilities to the betterment of people throughout the world.

Pooi To, while keeping to the high academic standards, at the same time puts major emphasis upon giving the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all students and developing Christian character. It is our desire that each girl who enters this school shall first of all come to have a personal experience with Christ, and when she leaves that she may go out to make the world better, her life and work be in the church, the home, the school, the business or the professional world.

While ever remembering our great debt to those who have established and nourished and developed Poo To to its present excellent position in the educational world, we would express our desire for the future in the words of Paul when he said “and reaching forth unto those things which are before, (we) press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

We praise God for His protection and guidance through all the past years, and it is our hope and prayer that to the high standards of intellectual attainment, there may ever be a spirit of dedication to the Lord and the lord’s work both by teachers and students. We covet the prayers of all Christian friends that this may be so.

(Quoted from “Pooi To Middle School 70th Anniversary Commemorative Book”)