NWS Hong Kong Geo Wonders Hike -‘Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation’ Training Programme

Three of our S.5 students, Kitty Wong, Emily Lee and Sally Cheung, demonstrated commitment to environmental protection. With enthusiasm and diligence, they were selected as one of the five finalists who will visit Taiwan to delve into the environmental and geological conservation in Yenchao Geopark, Kaohsiung, from 6 to 9 April. We wish them a wonderful and enjoyable learning experience.

Chinese New Year Activities

The active participation of the whole school in the celebrations of the traditional festival lightened the joyous festival atmosphere on campus. Each booth including homemade festive food, Fai Chun writing, and Lantern Festival riddles, etc., featured Chinese culture and tradition. There was great laughter all around and everyone looked forward to the Year of the Rat.

Inter-School Basketball Competition (Division 1)

Congratulations to our Basketball Team for coming third place in the Grade A Inter-school Basketball Competition (Division 1). With tremendous drive and confidence, all team members demonstrated their great technical skills and sportsmanship to score a notable success in the fierce competition.

RTHK Audio Book Contest

Congratulations to S.5 Yuki Fong, who was presented with the Merit Award and selected as one of the ten finalists in the ‘RTHK Audio Book Contest’. The proses were read in a dynamic way. Her accurate and skillful interpretation enabled the audience to perceive themselves to be in each scenario and consider all possible scenarios in their life journeys. Yuki won countless praise and applause for her wonderful performance.

Gospel Week

The whole school was involved in various evangelistic activities including Christmas caroling, a gospel café, a teachers’ testimony sharing, a hymn singing contest and an evangelical service to learn more about God, share His gospel and spread His love around campus. Not only did we witness the Lord’s wonderful works, but we were also blessed by Him.

S.3 Careers Board Display Competition

The S.3 Board Display Competition, jointly organized by the English Department and the Life Planning Team, finished a week ago, with the aim at helping students get to know the job duties and requirements of different kinds of STEM jobs as well as the English vocabulary related to various occupations. Students explored the jobs they were interested in and their wonderful work was displayed on boards.

Christmas Caroling on Campus

Christmas carols sung live by the school choir and the acappella team, while music played by school orchestra created a festive atmosphere on campus. Beautiful melodies and vocals filled the air as they sang popular Christmas songs ranging from Joy to the World to Jingle Bell Rock. The whole school had a sweet and wonderful afternoon.

S.3 Seminar on Choice of Electives

The seminar, jointly organized by the school and the Parent-Teacher Association, aimed to provide our S.3 students and their parents with the latest information about the NSS, selection criteria and different subject combinations. Our social worker led the sharing session about how the students and their paerents had explored elective and future career options through effective parent-child communication.

S.6 Students’ Sharing on School Life

Students from each class, wiping tears from their cheeks, shared their unforgettable moments in their 6-year school life and expressed gratitude for their teachers’ teaching and guidance. The homemade videos highlighted their learning at school and friendship with teachers and fellow students. The heartfelt presentations did not only touch the students, but also the teachers.

Parents’ Talk

Dr. Chen Chia Lu, Sylvia, a psychiatrist and Justice of the Peace, delivered a parents’ talk about how to effectively resolve conflicts in the family. Dr. Chen presented various family conflicts in a relaxing and humorous way, which resonated powerfully with the participating parents. The parents benefited greatly from the talk and understood that it takes time and effort to build a harmonious and healthy family, which is essential for their kids’ growth.

S.1 Drama Competition

As part of our Language Arts Programme, our S.1 students had a 3-month-long drama class. They learnt to enjoy language, express themselves through drama and enhance confidence in the use of the language. During the competition, different scenes from the story of Matilda were vividly performed. The adjudicator and the audience were impressed by their lively performances and corporative teamwork.

The 71st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival- (Chinese) (Chinese version only)

Congratulations to all S.3A and S.3B students for their outstanding performances. Their coordinated effort and determination were the key factors in their success.

S1 Admission Briefing Session

Thousands of primary students and their parents attended the S1 Admission Briefing Session to get to know more about our school. The Principal, Ms Constance Cheung, and senior teachers introduced the school’s mission and vision, the academic and personal development of students and explained the admission process.

Course on Social Etiquette in Hospitality

Students were excited to hone in their social skills, enabling them to effectively interact with different people on any occasion. The course on social etiquette in hospitality, conducted by Ms Sara Hui, the former Disney Ambassador, highlighted social manners, personal appearance and meeting etiquette.

We Will Go’ Live Tour from Watoto

The Watoto Children' Choir was thrilled to perform their exciting brand new album ‘We Will Go’, in which the children shared the power of God and presented live worship music from Uganda. The whole school was deeply touched by God’s love in their lives.

The 71st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival - Choral Speaking Competition

Congratulations to S.2B students for being crowned champions in the contest. Our girls demonstrated their competence in speaking and presentation skills. Their impressive performance of ‘Forgiven, by A A Milne’ won a round of rapturous applause from the adjudicators and the audience.

Projects on ‘Trust the Magic of the New Beginnings’

To illustrate the theme of the school year ‘Passion Fuels Innovation’, the Student Academic Committee launched a project aiming at encouraging students to seize initiatives to pursue their dreams with creativity and passion for exploration. Individual students or teams created and marketed a product or service and pitched it to a panel of judges. The best candidates were awarded funding to put their plans into action.

The 71st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival - Words and Movements Competition

Congratulations to class 1A, who achieved 3rd place in the Words and Movements category of Hong Kong’s 2019 71st Speech Festival. Performing ‘The Three Little Pigs’, they used a variety of instruments such as the violin, the trumpet and the oboe, along with a number of colourful props and costumes to deliver a dramatic showing of Roald Dahl’s alternative and quirky version of poem.

S.1 & S.2 Parents’ Night

One of the many important events held this year was Parents’ Night. This event let our parents know more about our academic requirements and their daughters’ progress. After the Student Development Team analyzed the strengths, weaknesses and performance of the students, subject teachers shared the study and examination skills with S.1 parents.

Celebration of the House Anniversary

Six Houses celebrated their House Anniversary cum Inauguration, in which Ms. Cheung coaxed the students to develop critical thinking skills through the current social issues and encouraged them to pursue high moral standards.

A Joint-school History Froum

Having taken part in the workshop organized by our History Department, more than 900 students from 61 schools developed effective study skills and learning strategies. Through a talk based on a detailed explanation of exam skills given by Mr Yeung Wing-yu, the manager of the HKEAA's history section, the students learnt about answering techniques, marking schemes and assessment methods. The workshop helped them to keep their motivation high and achieve their goals.

Inter-school Chinese History Theatre Day

Granted by the Quality Education Fund, our Chinese history Department has launched an E-Drama Project aimed at increasing students' interest in learning Chinese history through creating video clips of historical events and retelling historical events in micro-films. Having interpreted the Chinese historical figures in various topics, the participating students not only gained a deeper understanding of the rise and fall of a dynasty, but also the political matters, economics and culture of China.

Student Leaders’ Inauguration Ceremony

The whole school was witness to the vows made by the leaders of the Christian Fellowship, Prefects, Student Union and Academic Prefects during their inaugural addresses. All new leaders and members were inducted to various committees, teams and groups.

  14 & 16/10/2019
The 52nd Sports Day

The full participation of students, parents and teachers led to a successful sports day, even though it was a rainy day. With the athletes in competition, the spectators cheered for their respective houses and favourite teams. The Cheering and Dancing competitions, which created a cheerful and exciting atmosphere, demonstrated students’ creativity and cooperative efforts. It was great seeing all the participants working together, showing resilience, team work and sportsmanship.

The 26th PTA Inauguration Ceremony cum Annual General Meeting & Gathering

The 26th PTA Inauguration Ceremony cum Annual General Meeting & Gathering was held successfully. We would like to thank around 200 teachers and parents to support the meeting. The programme included Inauguration Ceremony, Election of Parent Manager, Principal’s message, Talks on DSE and Careers Paths. Parents could also meet the class teachers to learn more about the school life of their daughters.

Chinese Opera Club

The Chinese Opera Club has been set up to serve as a platform to spread and preserve traditional art and valuable parts of Chinese culture. The students are taught about traditional culture and trained in the art of performing by Mr Tang Tak-kwong, the experienced Chinese opera performer. Their performances enable the ancient types of drama to continue to live on stage.


3/10-5/10 & 10/10-12/10/2019
S.1 Training Camp


The students actively engaged themselves in adventure-based skill training, which led to their personal and social development. A series of challenging outdoor activities enabled the students to realize the importance of team cohesion and personal autonomy.

Hong Kong Maritime Museum Student Docent Training Programme

Congratulations to our students who completed the ‘Student Docent Training Programme’ held by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. They were presented with a certificate in recognition of their dedication. The programme provided the students with a unique opportunity to learn independently, build confidence, enrich knowledge in history and develop practical skills in guided tours.

  20/9-21/9 & 27/9-28/9/2019
S.4 Growth Camp

Organized by Kowloon City Baptist Church and our Christian Education Committee, the growth camp opened up opportunities for students to build the class and house spirit. Not only did they know more about themselves through team building activities, but they also learnt more about the word of God at the worship service.

An exclusive interview about sewing techniques of Hong Kong-style cheongsam

Invited by the South China Research Centre of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology conducting a territory-wide survey of the intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong, our school shared the experiences of maintaining the tradition of wearing cheongsam as a school uniform and carrying forward traditional Chinese arts and cultures through organizing cheongsam production workshops.

Opening Ceremony

The whole school started the new academic year with prayers and songs of praise at the Opening Ceremony. Our Principal made a moving speech on God’s grace and mercy which has manifested in Pooi To for 131 years. The theme of the year ‘Passion fuels innovation’ encourages us to indulge our passion which kindles determination, creativity, and talent, while the bible verse taken from Psalm 28:7 reminds us totrust in the LORD with all our heart and be thankful for everything God has blessed us with in our life.

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