Silver Award in International Online Contest ‘Music@e-Contest 2020’


Resumption of Classes of S6

Congratulations to our School Orchestra for winning the Gold Award in the Joint School Music competition and also the Silver Award in the International Online Contest ‘Music@e-Contest 2020’, in which the students could learn from other music lovers and musicians to sharpen their skills and musicianship. Having worked diligently, the team received recognition and appreciation.   It was the first day for our S6 students to be back on the school campus. They are glad to be back to school and eager to have on-campus classes in which they can have face-to-face interactions with their teachers and friends.

Anti-epidemic Vision - Composition and Singing Competition for Secondary Schools


Invitation to an interview by Professor John Lee Chi-kin

Congratulations! Our three Pop Bands received awards in the above captioned competition which was organized by the VQ Foundation and sponsored by the Home Affairs Department. One of the bands, ‘Cross’, were awarded second place for composing a song to motivate us to pluck up courage to overcome obstacles. The other two teams ‘Portense’ and ‘Wanderer Libre’ composing an English song and a Putonghua song respectively were presented with a merit award.   Our school has been invited to participate in the publication ‘Education in Kowloon Past and Present’ published by the Hong Kong Museum of Education of The Education University of Hong Kong. On Dec 10, our alumna, Ms Cheung Ting, graduated in 1961, was invited to reminisce and share her memories and feelings about her school life to Professor John Chi-kin, Vice President of The Education University of Hong Kong.

S1 Admission Briefing Session


30/11 - 5/12/2020
Gospel Week

The principal introduced our school history, vision, mission and academic development to nearly a thousand parents and primary school students watching this year's S1 Admission Briefing Session on livestream. In addition, our students read a poem by Shakespeare while our school's A Capella Team performed the hymn ‘I Pray to You’, which showcased the talents of our students and the diversity of school life.   Teachers and students participated in a range of activities including a hymn singing contest, teachers’ sharing and sermon, to get to know more about Jesus Christ and share the love of God. It is hoped that the students will forever follow Jesus, walk with Him and shine bright in life.

Open Art Studio


One of the Top Five Finalists in the ‘Youth Ambassadors for Geological Conservation’ Training Programme

This programme enabled students to express their feelings through art. They participated in different artistic activities, in which they made changes at the individual and interpersonal levels. They built a sense of autonomy and also a sense of security. In addition, they embraced the spirit of exploration. Meanwhile, they learnt to get along well with others, understand and accept each other. Their original works are on display on the campus to encourage students to respect each other's thoughts and feelings.   Congratulations to Sally Cheung, Emily Lee and Kitty Wong of S.6, who represented our school in the above-captioned programme. With enormous enthusiasm for the programme and ae brilliant performance in all the events, among 200 schools our school was the one of the five finalists. Not only did they achieve great success, but they also enhanced their knowledge of geology, their guiding skills, and enriched their learning experiences.

S.3 Seminar on Choice of Electives


Celebration of the House Anniversary

The captioned seminar jointly organized by the school and the Parent-Teacher Association was conducted online. Our S.3 students and their parents were provided with the latest information on NSS electives, election criteria and various subject combinations to assist them in making informed choices that take career options, ability and interests into consideration.   It was truly exciting to celebrate the six Houses’ Anniversary cum Inaugurations. In the ceremony, the Principal emphasized the importance of enhancing team spirit and fulfilling potential in leadership. She also spurred the students to pursue excellence and nurture a strong sense of self-reflection, responsibility and respect. The Captain of each House delivered their inaugural addresses while Vice House Captains gave a vote of thanks.

First runner-up in Maintenance and Appreciation of Historical Buildings


A Merit in True Light Girls' Invitational Mathematics Contest

Congratulations to Anna Fung of S6 for winning the First runner-up in the ‘Maintenance and Appreciation of Historical Buildings (Student Category-Drawing or Photography)’. With creativity and artistic design, Anna’s artwork illustrated the importance of timely maintenance and appreciation of historical buildings which are in Hong Kong and over 30 years.

  Congratulations on a brilliant performance by our S4 student Betty Li, who was awarded the Certificate of Merit in the True Light Girls' Invitational Mathematics Contest. Betty’s accomplishment demonstrated her excellent math skills, perfect confidence and positive attitude towards math.

S1-S2 Parents’ Night


Teachers’ Professional Development

In view of public health considerations, the gathering was conducted online with an encouraging participation rate. S1 Parents were given much needed information on their daughters’ school life, our tailor-made moral education, exam tips and techniques for tackling exam questions. S2 parents also acquired some practical skills in helping their daughters to manage their emotions and become self-directed learners by cultivating consistent reading habits. Afterwards, the talk delivered by Ms Daisy Leung and Mr Louis Yeung helped enhance the parent-child relationship by embracing a Positive Language Approach and letting parents know more about our school-based Positive Education curriculum.

  We thank Ms Tsang Enian, our former principal, as the guest speaker at the seminar on T-standard+. Teachers grasped the various concepts of professional roles of teachers and learnt to equip themselves to foster dynamic teaching professionalism for the full benefit of student learning and growth. The talk was followed by an arts therapy experiential workshop, in which teachers learnt to assist students in the management of emotional problems.

Student Leaders’ Inauguration Ceremony


Outstanding Award in Mindshift Educational Networking Programme 2019-2020

The newly appointed student leaders and committee members of the Christian Fellowship, Academic Prefects, Prefects and Student Union were officially inducted. Students from service groups, societies, and activity committees were also introduced and encouraged to build team spirit and serve as role models. The principal gave a speech placing emphasis on the 3R qualities (Reflection, Responsibility and Respect) of a student leader and the importance of being a servant leader which was demonstrated by Jesus Christ.
  Congratulations on an impressive accomplishment by our S4 students Kitty Cho and Sera Ching, who were presented with an ‘Outstanding Performance Award’ in the programme organized by the HKU Department of Psychiatry, LKS Faculty of Medicine in recognition of their collaborative effort to complete a project. With the aim of adopting a positive outlook on life, students were trained to be equipped with knowledge, skills and strategies to cope with stress and adversity.

The 27th PTA Inauguration Ceremony cum Annual General Meeting & Gathering


Full resumption of Face-to-Face Classes

The event was conducted online this year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. An annual report by the Chairman and a Financial Report by the Treasurer were followed by the Principal’s sharing on the school theme. Afterwards, S.1 to S.4 parents met their daughters’ class teachers while S.5 & S.6 parents attended the online talk on JUPAS.
  All students could resume classes today. We are so delighted to meet all teachers and students again on campus. We have missed each other so much. In assembly students were praised by the Principal for their diligence and determination during the online teaching period. We pray together that the pandemic will soon leave us and our lives will return to normal.

The Second Stage of Face-to-Face Class Resumption


Completion of the Phase One Renovation of the School Museum

S1 and S5 were the second batch of students to resume face-to-face classes. In the school assemblies, the Principal expressed her heartfelt gratitude to students for their perseverance in overcoming the pandemic and striving for improvement in learning. The students were motivated to enrich their school lives by engaging themselves in exposure to new experiences and equipping themselves to face any challenges that come their way.
  The combination of historical context and art appreciation gives visitors a new visual experience in the museum. The heritage artwork in the school museum displays significant features of the school’s history. We feel pride having our founding principals, teachers and alumni being part of our vision.

First stage of class resumption


Prayer to the Lord 

Upon the class resumption for S6, the students returned to campus in a safe and orderly manner. A special assembly was organized to welcome them. Our principal gave the students words of encouragement to motivate them to be diligent, determined and self-disciplined when preparing for the public exams. They were emboldened to stay positive and to adapt to the new changes with perseverance.
  'Pray to You’, performed by our school A capella Team, is a beautiful hymn that reminds us our Lord, who is our shelter, refuge and a source of strength in times of need. The angels' voices whisper in our hearts and touch our soul. The wonderful and amazing singing strengthens us to be positive and courageous in the face of adversity as God will make a way.

Opening Ceremony


2020/2021 School Theme Song ‘Pray to You’

The online ceremony, which marked a new period of the students’ school lives, commenced with bible reading and hymn singing. The speech delivered by the Principal motivated students to adopt a positive mindset, while the sharing given by our alumnae energized them to strive for the best.
  Accompanied by our school Orchestra, four Christian students performed the uplifting song, which emboldens students to trust in God and rely on His power, protection and guidance. He makes a way when there seems to be no way and enables us to experience the presence of God.

S.1 Orientation Day (Student Briefing Session)


S.1 Orientation Day (Parent Briefing Session)

The S.1 Orientation Day was successfully held online. In the morning session, the Principal, the head of Student Growth Team and the head of ECA Team introduced the school history, mission and vision, 3R qualities system, school regulations and a wide range of activities for all S1 students to better understand the school life. We wish our S.1 girls a fruitful learning journey in the new school year.
  In the afternoon session, about 120 parents attended the online meeting together. They gained a better understanding of our school theme of this year, learning and teaching environment, pastoral care and supporting services for the students. Besides, the PTA highlighted the home-school activities. The parents could also meet their class teachers who shared how to ensure their daughters had a smooth transition from primary to secondary school.

JUPAS Offer Results


Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2020

The 2020 JUPAS Main Round offer results have been announced. 71.0% of our S6 students received JUPAS offers (48.0% in HK), 51.2% of them (37.0% in HK) got offers for subsidized degree programs and 13.1% even got an offer from one of the top three universities. We wish our S.6 students all the best in the future.
  We are proud to announce that our S6 student, Moon Cho King Yuet, received the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship (MES) launched by the Home Affairs Bureau. Her high level of achievement in social services and significant contribution to the Scout Association were highly appreciated. Moon will take the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Congratulations to Moon!

Gold Award in Joint School Music Competition


Gold Awards in Secondary School Choir (Challenge) & Secondary School Group Ensemble (Singing)

Congratulations to our School Orchestra for an outstanding performance in the Joint School Music Competition organized by the Hong Kong Joint School Music Association. Their marvelous performance of ‘The Avengers’ in the Symphony Orchestra (Secondary) not only engaged the audience’s interest in the song, but also won the Gold Award.   Our School Choir and A capella Team were presented with the Gold Awards in recognition of their fantastic and beautiful singing. The songs ‘And Music Will Lead Us’ by the choir in the Secondary School Choir (Challenge) and ‘You Raise Me up’ by the A capella team in the Secondary School Group Ensemble (Singing) in the Joint School Music Competition melted the hearts of the audience and touched their souls. Congratulations.
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) 2020
The 56th Graduation Ceremony
The overall result of the HKDSE reached a decent level through the concerted effort made by the teachers and the students. The performance of our students in the HKDSE reflects their diligence and dedication to their studies when facing the challenge of the pandemic. 70% of Pooi To girls have met the basic entrance requirements for admission to publicly funded undergraduate (3322). Congratulations to Chiu Pui-nga and Poon Hoi-yi, who have been awarded Principal Lee Kam Lun Scholarship for the Best HKDSE Result.   The graduation ceremony was an incredible opportunity for our S6 girls to celebrate their hard work and achievements with teachers and family, and it was also a landmark in their academic life. The graduates were fascinated by the speech from the Guest of Honour, Dr So Kwok-sang, the Secretary General of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, who impressed on them the importance of upholding the value of momentum, initiative and integrity through Bible verses.
S.6 Graduation Art & Design Online Exhibition
The 132nd Anniversary Celebration & Teachers’ Day
The exhibition encouraged students to unleash their artistic talent and potential. ‘Meteor’, which was the theme of the exhibition, symbolized the diligence, the perseverance, the positive attitude towards challenges and the growth of the students under the postponement of the HKDSE, the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and social movements. These attributes made their lives sparkle and were embodied in their expressive paintings, installations, sculptures and models.  

With God’s gracious blessings, our school has stepped into its 132nd year. In the celebration of its anniversary, the Student Union presented a three-coloured paper floral puzzle indicating ‘132’ to the school. Besides, to express their gratitude for the support provided by school throughout the whole year, especially under the threat of COVID-19, the Union gave rope bags designed by themselves that contained a pack of lozenges and a red pen to the principal, and the teachers on Teachers’ Day.